Be the voice of our members

Be the voice of our members

If you’re an LGIAsuper member you can nominate to serve as one of three member representative directors on LGIAsuper’s Board for the 4-year term starting 1 July 2018.

If four or more nominations are received, the member representative directors will be chosen by a member ballot which opens 29 January 2018. All LGIAsuper members will have the chance to vote for who they want representing them and their needs on the Board.

Who is eligible?

Any LGIAsuper member can apply for the position of member representative director. Before nominating you should consider whether you’re prepared to personally take responsibility for the financial future of around 85,000 LGIAsuper members – and whether you have the skills, drive and time to do it.

Learn more about what’s involved in being a member representative director.

How can I nominate?

To be eligible for nomination you must meet certain qualifying rules:

  • You must be an LGIAsuper member and have your nomination supported by six other LGIAsuper members.
  • You must qualify under superannuation law. Download our Nomination kit for full details.
  • You must complete the approved nomination form and include a declaration stating you qualify to be a member representative director under superannuation law.
  • The Returning Officer, Paul Collins from PwC, must receive your nomination by 5pm on Friday 3 November 2017.

More information

If you are interested in nominating, download our Nomination kit. The kit includes:

  • the approved nomination form (which forms part of your nomination)
  • the statutory declaration (which forms part of your nomination)
  • a link to LGIAsuper’s Fit and Proper Policy.

You should review LGIAsuper’s Fit and Proper policy, which indicates the skills the Board requires for new directors and the role and responsibilities for the position. Please read this document carefully before submitting your nomination.

Nominations close 5pm on 3 November 2017. Late nominations will not be accepted.

For more information you can email the Returning Officer Paul Collins at

You can find out more about the election here.

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