COR - celebrating your super

COR celebrating your super

A recent report from SuperRatings showed LGIAsuper’s Balanced Option outperformed the typical return in 89% of falling markets over the last 7 years1. The results aren’t surprising. LGIAsuper has a track record of robust performance in volatile markets.

Our investment strategy is positioned to minimise the impact of market instability on our members. It's all part of our COR (Consistent Optimised Returns) philosophy.

What's new with COR?

At LGIAsuper, the COR investment philosophy has always been a part of our DNA. But with many funds choosing to promote their impressive short term investment results, we thought it was time we celebrated our long-term performance record, as well as some of our recently acquired assets.

Proud history, strong future

Check out some of our COR infrastructure investments below. Remember, as a member of LGIAsuper, these are assets that you own!

Sunshine Coast Airport

The Sunshine Coast Airport

25% ownership - What makes it COR?

The only large commercial airport on the Sunshine Coast. Its close proximity to local industry and popular holiday locations make it a valuable growing asset that will see growth well into the future.  

The Port of Portland

The Port of Portland

15% ownership - What makes it COR?

An effective monopoly on the sea route in the region. It has close proximity and exclusive access to major primary production and industrial activities which provide a number of strategic advantages that will underpin future demand.

Gold Coast Rapid Rail Transit

Gold Coast Rapid Rail Transit

6% ownership - What makes it COR?

This unique project is a concession with State Government to design, construct and operate a Gold Coast light rail system. Stage 2 expansion is expected to be delivered for the 2018 Commonwealth Games which is great news for visitors and the community!

Read more about LGIAsuper's COR investment assets here.

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