Give your loved one a super present

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You can help your partner grow their super this Valentine’s Day by opening an account for them or splitting your contributions.

If your partner has had interrupted employment because of circumstances like study, or taking care of children, their super could be in need of a boost. You can help by opening an LGIAsuper account for them.

At LGIAsuper we deliver secure services you can trust, and industry leading performance that is consistently reliable. So it’s no surprise many of our members choose to share the benefits of their LGIAsuper membership with their partners.

Opening an LGIAsuper account for your spouse is easy. Use our online join tool and apply in less than 10 minutes.

Getting started

You can help your partner’s super grow by making contributions to their account. You may even qualify for a tax offset for the first $3,000 in contributions if your spouse earns $13,800 each year or less.

Your spouse and their employer (if they’re still working) can also make contributions. If your partner is retired, they can make lump sum withdrawals.

If your partner has super with other funds, they can transfer their other super to their new LGIAsuper account.

Learn more about the many benefits your spouse will enjoy as an LGIAsuper member or contact us for more information.

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