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Our Education Services team has visited more than 50 employers in 2017 and helped more than 4,000 LGIAsuper members. We love chatting to employers and employees about all things super. Contact us today to arrange a workplace visit!

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Trusted advice for your employees

If your employees would like to discuss their financial situation in greater detail, they can call us on 1800 444 396 to arrange a meeting with one of our expert financial advisers.

Meet the Advice team.

Super seminars

Our event seminars are also a great way for members to learn about the strategies they can use to build a strong financial future and keep their money growing in retirement.

Check out our seminar schedule here.

Helping high income earners

To ensure your employees do not exceed the cap, you can form an agreement with them that limits their concessional contributions (to the amount of the cap, not below) and allows them to take any additional amount as salary.

For more information, check out our info sheet or call our Relationship Management team for assistance.

  • Senior Relationship Manager Ben Moles07 3244 4397
  • Relationship Manager Ami Schwarz07 3244 4392
  • Relationship Manager Darren Cali07 3244 4334

If LGIAsuper is not your default super fund but you would like to know more about the services we can offer you and your employees, email or call our Business Growth team today on 1800 444 396.


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