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Did you know that 37% of all Queensland council employees could be better off under a salary sacrifice arrangement?1

Key employee insights such as this are available in our Executive management briefings, which have been extremely popular with management, HR and Payroll teams right across the state.

Each presentation runs for approximately 30 minutes. Besides key employee insights, we also address the following topics:

  • changes to super legislation, focusing on impacts for high income earners;
  • the importance of insurance for you and your employees; and
  • LGIAsuper’s investment philosophy and recent performance.

Thanks to everyone who has attended one of our briefings. Our partnership with employers is crucial to helping us deliver satisfying retirement outcomes for our members.

You can learn more about our Employer update seminars and Executive management briefings here.

We also run a series of event seminars to help our members build a stronger financial future. Find out more.

Could your employees be better off with salary sacrifice?

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you educate your employees on salary sacrifice, please contact our Relationship Management team:

  • Senior Relationship Manager Ben Moles07 3244 4397
  • Relationship Manager Ami Schwarz07 3244 4392
  • Relationship Manager Darren Cali07 3244 4334

Whatever your super needs, we’re here to help.

1. Source: LGIAsuper Employee Insights Data, June 2017

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