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In addition to our Platinum SuperRatings and 5-Star Heron Partnership achievements, Chant West has awarded LGIAsuper a 5 Apple rating (the highest possible) for our superannuation and pension products.

Following their recent review of our suite of superannuation products and services, Chant West has recognised LGIAsuper as a ‘highest quality fund’ by awarding our Accumulation and Pension accounts a 5 Apple rating.

Distinguished by their unique apple rating system, Chant West is a highly-regarded, independent research and consultancy firm known in the industry for its accuracy, insightfulness and integrity.

By using their knowledge and experience of the super industry and funds to make fair and rigorous assessments, Chant West help Australians compare (apples with apples) super funds to ensure they’re getting the best return on investment and value for money.

To determine our rating, Chant West looked at six main areas covering all aspects of investments, member services, fees, insurance, administration and the organisation itself.

LGIAsuper received a score against each of these weighted criteria which resulted in an overall 5 Apple rating for the products and services we offer our members.

Acknowledgement as one of Australia’s highest quality super funds by industry experts, Chant West, further supports our claim as a strong all-rounder who works hard to deliver successful outcomes for our members.

Why are ratings important?

LGIAsuper operates in an increasingly competitive environment where retention and growth are vital to a fund’s success.

Enlisting independent research consultants like Chant West to extensively review and evaluate all aspects of our business helps our members (and future members) make informed decisions about their money and financial future.

Benchmarking also gives us insights into what our competitors are doing and how we measure-up against them. In turn, this drives continuous performance improvement to the benefit of our members and ensures we always deliver value-for-money products and services, lower fees than our major competitors and strong leadership through transparency and good governance.

Discover more about our other awards and achievements.

To learn about Chant West visit their website.

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