Name change for two LGsuper accounts

name change

To make things simpler, LGsuper's Spouse account and Retained Benefit account were renamed 'Accumulation account' from 1 July 2015.

Our Spouse account and Retained Benefit account both work the same way as our Accumulation account. That's why we decided to make things easy and give them all the same name.

The only change is in the name

All existing benefits and rules that apply to LGsuper members who had a Spouse or Retained Benefit account (including insurance arrangements) remain the same.

Accumulation account features

  • 12 investment options to choose from
  • Low fees, and no fees to withdraw or switch investment options
  • Quality insurance cover
  • Professional advice

Find out more about our Accumulation account. If you have any questions about the account name change or your super, please contact us.

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