New tool to compare investment options

Performance graph tool

Chart the performance of LGsuper's investment options over time with our new interactive graph.

LGsuper’s performance graph tool uses historical daily earning rates to track how $10,000 in a particular investment option/s would have performed over your chosen period. Using the graph, you can see how each of our investment options performed going back as far as 1 July 2009, or from their inception for options introduced since then.

Sharemarkets rise and fall, and it’s easy to get caught up in daily market movements. Our interactive graph helps you see the big picture and get a visual representation of how money invested will grow over time with returns and the effects of compound interest.

To see an investment option's performance over your specified time frame, simply choose an investment period, account type and investment option. You can see the value of an investment option on any day by hovering your mouse over the graph. You can even select multiple investment options at once to see how they compare. 

It’s important to keep in mind that past performance isn’t an indication of how an investment option will perform in the future. Learn about LGsuper's investment options and how to make an investment choice.

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