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NQ Cowboys news article

We're excited to announce LGIAsuper has partnered with reigning National Rugby League Premiers the North Queensland Cowboys.

For more than 50 years we've proudly shared a special relationship with our Queensland local government employers and members who work hard to build strong, resilient communities across the state.

Now we're excited to announce the start of our partnership with another group of like minded Queenslanders: the North Queensland Cowboys.

This partnership brings two trusted, reliable and strong-performing teams together through shared values, a commitment to good governance and a unique understanding of the needs of local communities.

Partnership CEOsPartnering with a community institution like the Cowboys is a way for us to acknowledge the pride we have in our state's achievements and another avenue to engage with the community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. It's also a way for us to recognise our members for their ongoing loyalty and support including those in North Queensland, where many of our members live and work.

Helping North Queensland communities

A key benefit of our partnership with the North Queensland Cowboys is the Community Hub held at each home game in Townsville. This initiative gives us the chance to further connect with local communities by helping different charities raise awareness. So it's a great way for all members to indirectly help communities in need across the state.

Michael Morgan as LGIAsuper Player Ambassador

We are proud to have rising Cowboys star and home-grown hero, Michael Morgan, as our Player Ambassador. Michael's continued growth, solid on and off-field performance and ongoing commitment to the Cowboys embodies everything LGIAsuper aims to achieve for our members. His dedication to the local community and his involvement with charitable organisations also make him the perfect ambassador for LGIAsuper as we broaden our community connections.

What the partnership means for members

While local government is our heritage and an important part of our future, more than half of our members no longer work for local government but choose to stay with the fund they know and trust when they change jobs or leave employment. Supporting the North Queensland Cowboys, a team so many people are passionate about, is a cost-effective way for us to engage with current members wherever they work or live.

Investing in this partnership has not increased the fees you pay as an LGIAsuper member. In fact, promoting our fund and the benefits we offer through this partnership will drive successful long-term growth for the fund and our members. This will help us build a strong, loyal membership base so we can continue to offer low fees and solid long-term investment performance. 

Plus, our involvement at the Community Hub is a great way our members can indirectly help communities, particularly those experiencing economic uncertainty and other hardships in Townsville and the surrounding regions.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting partnership.

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