Our door is now open

LGIAsuper opens its door Article

Everyone is now welcome to come on in...

After 52 years of looking after the retirement savings of Queensland local government employees and their partners, we've opened the door to welcome new members from communities everywhere!

Ready to join?

You might have seen our ads, heard about our low fees or talked to us at the LGIAsuper Community Hub - regardless, you’ve decided to make the switch. The good news? Joining LGIAsuper online takes less than 5 minutes.

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Want to learn more?

Keep reading to find out why you should join LGIAsuper...

No longer super’s best kept secret

For years, our valued members have enjoyed low fees, flexible investment and insurance options, industry leading performance and personal care. And we’re not about to change.

We are a growing fund but our core values will always remain:

  • Trusted advice leading to real growth
  • Reliable services that deliver consistent results
  • Understanding the needs of our members and their local communities

If you're already an LGIAsuper member, you’ll continue to enjoy the same benefits you always have. Only now, your friends, family and others are welcome to join us. 

Let's grow together

If you’d like to know more about our fund, call 1800 444 396 and chat to our friendly team today.

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