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Taking time off to look after children or a loved one is a normal part of life, particularly for women. Although worthwhile, any time you take out of paid employment can impact your superannuation balance at retirement. In fact it’s one of the main reasons women retire with half as much super as men.

There are many things you can do to top up your super but your partner can also get involved and help close the superannuation gap and support gender parity.

1. Your partner can add to your super

If you are married or in a de facto relationship, your partner can make super contributions on your behalf to boost your retirement savings. This is particularly helpful if you have had time out of the workforce or had any period of time when you went without making any super contributions.

Your partner could also receive a tax offset of up to $540 for the first $3,000 of contributions if you earn less than $13,800 each year.

2. Your partner can split their contributions with you

Redirecting some of your partner’s super contributions to your account is a great way to ensure both of you enjoy a better lifestyle in retirement. Not only will it boost your super savings, it could also result in some tax savings if either of you access your super between your preservation age and 60.

You can split the following types of contributions:

  • employer contributions
  • salary sacrificed contributions 
  • personal contributions your partner has claimed a tax deduction for

3. You can both become LGIAsuper members

If you decide to have your partner boost your LGIAsuper account contributions or if you want to split your joint contributions, then you can open an LGIAsuper Accumulation account for them. Check out our online join tool today!

Opening an Accumulation account for your partner means they can enjoy a lot of the same LGIAsuper member benefits you do and you can both easily transfer contributions between your accounts.

To find out more information on how your partner can help boost your super, check out our Spouse contributions page.

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