Sweet victories at 1300SMILES Stadium

Wilmar sugar

While the game on Saturday saw the Cowboys maintain their winning streak at home, there was another sweet victory at the LGIAsuper Community Hub, with Wilmar Sugar spreading the word on staying safe around cane trains.

Wilmar Sugar has eight sugar mills in 'Cowboys country’ between Ingham and Sarina (or one every 66 kilometres). With trains running day and night during peak cane season, the Wilmar Sugar team took the opportunity to talk to our visitors at the Community Hub about the importance of safety when approaching railway crossings, as cane season is about to go full steam ahead.

On the field the Cowboys crushed the Knights with a final score of 46 to 16, with the win placing the Cowboys in third position on the NRL ladder, ahead of the Brisbane Broncos.

A big thank you to everyone who signed up to the Howdy Club and our faithful return members who we look forward to seeing whenever the Cowboys play at home.

LGIAsuper is at the Community Hub near the Western gate each home game, giving out our much loved merchandise. We hope to see you all wearing your Howdy Hats next game when the Cowboy versus the Sea Eagles on the 27th of June!

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