Unique growth for LGIAsuper


With most superannuation funds facing a decline last month, LGIAsuper’s Balanced investment option has achieved modest growth over February.

Independent research provider SuperRatings reported that LGIAsuper was one of only five super funds to manage a gain.

"A common theme among the funds that have fared better through the recent turmoil in listed markets has been those with a higher allocation to unlisted assets and reasonable levels of downside protection within their portfolios," SuperRatings chief executive Adam Gee said, as reported.

LGIAsuper’s ready-made investment options (including our default investment option for most members, MySuper Lifecycle) are highly diversified, with allocations to international and Australian shares, infrastructure, property, fixed income, cash and alternative investments.

This means that sharemarket movements impact only part of the overall returns of LGIAsuper's default investment options. A fall in one asset class may be offset by better performance from another asset less prone to volatile movements. And within asset classes, we diversify even further by spreading investments across different investment managers and strategies, as well as different industries and sectors.

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