What type of super investor are you?

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Gain insight into the type of investor you are so you can make investment choices that are right for you and help you reach your retirement savings goal.

Has your 2016 annual benefit statement prompted you to think about your super, your current investment choice and whether you’ll have enough to live the lifestyle you want in retirement? Risk, and your tolerance towards it, plays an important part in any investment strategy. Before making an investment decision, discover more about the type of investor you are.

Weigh up risk

Investments are designed to deliver a return, and the return is usually driven by the level of risk taken. Lower risk investments generally mean lower returns, while investments with higher risk can result in higher long-term gains, however there is also a higher chance these investments will be more volatile in the short term.

Because the way you invest your money can make a big difference to the growth of your super balance, it’s important to understand the type of investor you are and your attitude towards risk so you can choose an investment strategy that’s right for you.

Work out your tolerance

In less than 3 minutes, our new Investment risk profiler can help you work out how much risk you are comfortable taking when investing your super and put you on the path to investment success.

Simply read the brief statements and answer the corresponding questions to discover how you feel about risk and the level you’re prepared to take to reach your goals. Along the way you’ll also learn a little more about market volatility, expected negative returns, the risk/return trade-off and how they align to your retirement goals.

It's a balancing act

Super is an investment in your financial future and, like any investment, from time to time it’s important to review your strategy. By regularly reassessing your personal circumstances and short or long-term objectives, identifying the level of risk you’re prepared to take to reach your financial goals and investing in options accordingly, you’re more likely to not only achieve your target but get there sooner. 

The key to any successful investment strategy is to strike a balance between return and risk that suits your own investment objectives and to diversify (spread the risk and your money across different types of investments) to minimise the impact of volatility. We have a range of options to suit any investor. Find out more.

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