Your family and friends can grow with us


We are excited to invite family and friends of our members to grow with us.

The Queensland Government has recently announced a legislative change that will allow family and friends of our members to join LGIAsuper.

Under the new legislation, we remain the default fund for Queensland local government employees and the fund of choice for all existing and new members, wherever they work or live.

Let’s Grow!

While LGIAsuper is the fund for current and former Queensland local government employees and their spouses, more than half our members no longer work for Queensland local government but choose to stay with us when they change jobs or leave employment.

And when they do, they often ask us if their friends and relatives can join the fund too.

The new legislation means family and friends of existing members will soon have the opportunity to join one of Australia’s most respected and strong-performing super funds.

What does this mean for our current members?

The announcement means broadening our reach in the future to new members in communities everywhere. We want to assure all members your fees, the way your money is invested and our structure will stay the same.

LGIAsuper is committed to improving the financial outcomes and retirement incomes of all our members. We will continue to deliver secure services members can trust and industry-leading performance that is consistently reliable, just as we have for more than 50 years.

Would you like to join LGIAsuper?

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What does ‘public offer’ mean?

LGIAsuper’s presence in Queensland spans more than 50 years as the fund for Queensland local government employees. Under recently introduced legislation, LGIAsuper will become a public offer fund. This means new members outside Queensland local government employment will have the opportunity to join what has been one of Australia’s most exclusive funds.

We welcome the opportunity to open up the fund to your family and friends, so they too can enjoy the many great benefits that come with being an LGIAsuper member.

Will my account or membership change in anyway?

The legislative amendments announced by the Queensland Government impact new member eligibility rules only and will not affect your existing membership in any way.

It’s important to know extending LGIAsuper’s membership beyond its existing base will not impact the fees you pay as a member, the way your money is invested or the fund’s structure. 

If LGIAsuper is no longer a public sector fund, what is it? Is it an industry fund, a retail fund or something else?

While LGIAsuper will open its membership doors, we will remain a profit-for-members super fund for Queensland local government employees and become a fund of choice for their spouses and all other existing and new members.

Under the legislation, LGIAsuper will simply become a public offer fund. This means new members outside Queensland local government employment will have the opportunity to join wherever they work or live.

We will remain the default superannuation fund for former Queensland local government employers.

This legislative change reflects the way our fund has continued to grow over time and presents an opportunity for us to actively respond to the challenges ahead and position the fund for future growth.

What’s going to change at LGIAsuper?

The legislative change impacts membership eligibility rules only. Your family, friends and others in the community will be able to join and grow with us. There’s never been a more exciting time to be a member. 

Has LGIAsuper been sold?

No. LGIAsuper remains a profit-for-members fund.

The Queensland Local Government Superannuation Board will maintain responsibility for managing LGIAsuper in the best interests of members.

When will ‘public offer’ start for LGIAsuper?

The legislation is yet to be passed by Parliament. We will contact all members as details become available over the coming months. 

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For more information on our announcement, you can read our media release.

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