How we invest

Super is a long-term investment, which can span up to 50 years or more. Over the long term LGIAsuper aims to produce solid returns to help you achieve your financial goals in retirement.

LGIAsuper's Board of Directors, working closely with expert asset consultants, has carefully selected a number of well known and trusted professional investment managers.

Depending on the investment option you choose, your super is invested across a range of asset classes such as Australian shares, international shares, property, infrastructure, fixed interest, cash and other investments.

LGIAsuper sets a target mix of return seeking and risk-controlling assets for each ready-made investment option, and calls this the strategic asset allocation (SAA). We may also use a process known as dynamic strategic asset allocation to exploit or protect the portfolio against market extremes. This allows the fund to adjust the SAA by up to 7.5% (+/-) over timeframes of 3 or more years.

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Who's managing your money?

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How is your super invested?

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