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Use our performance graph tool to see how $10,000 in our investment options would have grown over time.

Here’s a tip: All options compared in the graph must have been offered from the start date of your chosen investment period to ensure a direct comparison can be made. For example, where an option starts later than another option, the initial $10,000 will be invested in that option over a shorter period of time so a direct comparison is not possible.

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Socially responsible
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1. The values provided in the graph represent past performance only. Past performance is not an indication of future performance.

2. The figures shown in the graph are based on an initial investment of $10,000 at the start date of your chosen investment period, or at the option's commencement date if it launched after the start date of your investment period.

3. The values shown in the graph are based on earning rates which have been derived from each option's interim daily earning rates (net of fees and taxes).

4. From 3 May 2014 LGIAsuper's daily earning rates for weekends will be published as 0% to reflect the fact no transactions take place on these days.

5. The values of investment do not take into account any withdrawals or contributions.

6. Performance history in the graph is available from 1 July 2009 for all options except those that launched after this date. The following options launched 1 July 2011:

- SR Australian Shares
- Australian Shares
- International Shares
- Property
- Diversified Fixed Interest

7. Although the MySuper Lifecycle option launched 1 January 2014, there is performance history for this option from 1 July 2009 as the values shown in the graph are based on the option's predecessor products, Diversified Growth (for Under 75) and Balanced (for 75 plus).

8. Changes to fees, asset allocations, return targets and risk levels all play a significant role in the performance of each investment option. These factors are subject to change in the future.

9. Each of our investment options has a different return target and risk level. When deciding how to invest your money consider your overall investment objectives, tolerance for risk and timeframe for investing.

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