Switch investments

LGIAsuper gives you the flexibility to change your investment option (or combination of options) up to 12 times each financial year at no extra cost. You can choose to change how we invest your existing balance, your future contributions or both. Keep in mind, though, super is generally a long-term investment and changing options often could end up reducing your overall return.

How do I switch investments?

Switch online

Review and change your investments in Member online

Switch online

If you’re not yet registered for Member online, you can register now. All you need is your member number.

Switch on paper

Simply complete and return an Investment switch form M09 (or Investment switch form – Pension accounts P09). You’ll find these forms at the back of our Investment choice guide.

Can I choose more than one investment option?

Yes. You have the flexibility to invest in one investment option or a combination of options for your existing account balance and/or future contributions.

If you select more than one investment option, LGIAsuper will not automatically rebalance your investment and the different options you have will grow at different earning rates, with different levels of volatility in returns. So you should review your investment strategy regularly.

When will my switch take effect?

If we receive your investment switch form or online switch by 5pm Friday, your switch will take effect from the third working day in the following week (generally the following Wednesday). During periods of significant market volatility (or other times when LGIAsuper is unable to determine benchmark rates), processing switches may be suspended for up to 7 days or longer.

Although your switch will take effect from the next available switch date, it may not be processed until all contributions are allocated to your account for the period up to this date. If your switch is due to take place early in the new financial year, it will be processed after final earning rates are applied to your account for the previous financial year.

Can I cancel my switch?

If you change your mind, your switch can be cancelled as long as we receive your cancellation by 5pm the Friday before it is due to take effect.

  • If you have completed and returned an Investment switch form, you should cancel your switch in writing (by fax, email or post).
  • If you have made an investment switch online you can cancel your switch directly through Member online.
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Performance graph tool

Track and compare how LGIAsuper’s investment options have performed over time.

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Learn about LGIAsuper's range of investment options and make a choice that best suits your needs.

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Get to know the basics

It pays to learn about investing so you can understand your options and make informed decisions about your super.

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LGIAsuper can help

Before you make an investment switch you can seek advice to help you decide what’s best for you.

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