Super is designed to help fund your retirement. So when you stop working you can start enjoying the retirement savings you’ve built over your working life.

When can I access my super?

You can access your super when you permanently retire after reaching your preservation age.

How can I access my super?

You can choose what to do with your super, including taking it as lump sums, regular income or a combination of both. Learn more about these options.

How can I make a withdrawal?

You can make up to 12 lump sum withdrawals each financial year at no extra cost.

How will my super be taxed?

Your super is tax-free once you turn 60. Before this time it’s taxed at a much lower rate than many other types of investments. Learn more about how your super is taxed.

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Flexible options to suit you

LGIAsuper's Pension accounts give you the flexibility to choose how best to access your super.

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Your spouse can join LGIAsuper

Open an Accumulation account for your spouse and share the benefits of LGIAsuper membership.

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