Spouse contributions

Spouse contributions are a great way to grow your partner’s super so you can both enjoy a better lifestyle in retirement. You could also enjoy tax benefits.

What are spouse contributions?

Spouse contributions are amounts paid into your account by your spouse, or money you pay into your spouse’s account on their behalf.

What are the benefits?

Making a spouse contribution can boost your partner’s retirement savings. This is particularly helpful if your spouse has had time out of the workforce as they may have had long periods of time without any super contributions.

You could also receive a tax offset of up to $540 on the first $3,000 of contributions if your spouse earns less than $13,800 each year.

If your spouse’s total annual income* is:Your tax offset will be…
$10,799 or less $540
$10,800 - $13,799 Rebate reduces as spouse’s income increases
$13,800 $0

Who can make and receive spouse contributions?

You can make or receive a spouse contribution if the receiving spouse is under age 65 and you are:

  • married or in a de facto relationship (different or same sex)
  • both Australian residents at the time the contribution is made
  • permanently living together (not separated or apart) when the contribution is made

If your spouse is between 65 and 70, they must meet the conditions above and work at least 40 hours in a consecutive 30-day period during the financial year. When your spouse reaches age 70 they can no longer receive a spouse contribution.

Split your contributions

Another option is to split contributions made to your own account and transfer some or all of these amounts to your spouse’s account. You will help grow their super and may receive some tax advantages in retirement too. Download our Contributions splitting info sheet for more information.

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