Voluntary contributions

With so many day-to-day living expenses it’s probably hard to think about putting money away for your retirement. But even a small contribution now could make a big difference to your lifestyle later on.

What are voluntary contributions?

Voluntary contributions are simply extra amounts (however big or small) you add to your super. If you’re paying standard member contributions as part of your employment, voluntary contributions are any amount above these.

Can I make a voluntary contribution?

You can make a voluntary contribution to your super if you’re:

  • age 64 or younger
  • between age 65 and 74 and work at least 40 hours over a consecutive 30-day period in the financial year you want to make a contribution

If you’re age 75 or older you’re unable to make voluntary contributions. However, your employer (if you’re still working) can make compulsory (superannuation guarantee) contributions to your account.

How do I make a voluntary contribution?

You can make voluntary contributions regularly from your pay as a one-off lump sum.

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