Income options in retirement

When it comes time to access your super it’s good to know LGIAsuper offers you flexible options to meet your income needs in the lead up to and during retirement.

Whether you want a lump sum, regular payments or access to your super while you’re working we have a pension account to suit you.

When you retire your money will remain in your LGIAsuper Accumulation account. However you have the option of opening a Pension account or Transition to Retirement Pension account.

Transition to Retirement Pension account

As you’re nearing retirement you can take advantage of our Transition to Retirement Pension account to receive income from your super while you’re still working.

This means you can work less hours without reducing your net income. This option is available as long as you’ve reached your preservation age.

Pension account

Once you permanently retire (and have reached your preservation age) our Pension account can give you the flexibility to access your super through regular income, lump sums or a combination of both.

Other things to consider

Super may not be your only source of income in retirement. You could have other investments (like property or shares) and be eligible for the Australian Government’s Age Pension.

Opening, closing or starting a Pension account could impact the income support payments you receive from the Australian Government. So before making a decision, contact the Department of Human Services and speak with a Financial Information Service Officer.

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