Changing jobs

A new job doesn’t have to mean a new super fund. You can stay with LGIAsuper wherever you work (even if it’s outside Queensland local government).

Most employers anywhere in Australia can contribute to LGIAsuper even if they have a different default super fund. And you’re usually not obligated to join the default fund used by your new employer.

So to reduce your super fees and avoid the hassle of managing multiple accounts, you can arrange for your new employer to pay contributions into your existing LGIAsuper account.

How can my new employer contribute to LGIAsuper?

It’s easy. Simply complete the Choice of superannuation fund form (M17) with your details and hand it to your payroll area. You may also need to provide a compliance letter from LGIAsuper.

Your employer can then register with LGIAsuper as a contributing employer (if they haven’t already) by completing the Employer information form (M18) and returning it to us. Once registered your employer will receive an employer number and can use this to contribute to LGIAsuper via a range of convenient payment methods.