Transfer other super to LGIAsuper

If you’ve had more than one employer, you could have more than one super account. Transferring your other super to LGIAsuper could mean less fees and more savings.

Why transfer?

The more super accounts you have the more you could pay each year in fees and other charges like insurance premiums. This could eat into your retirement savings and make it harder to keep track of where all your super is. Combining your super in the one account could save you money in fees and a lot of time.

How do I transfer?

You can either:

  • Roll in your super online
    Use LGIAsuper’s online transfer tool to arrange for your super from one or more other funds to be moved into your LGIAsuper account. All it takes is 5 minutes and no ID, signature, printing or posted is needed.
  • Complete a Transfer to LGIAsuper form
    Download a Transfer to LGIAsuper form (M03) and complete a copy for each account you want to transfer, and return the form/s to LGIAsuper by email, post or fax.

Once we receive your transfer request we will contact your other fund/s for you and let you know when your money is in your LGIAsuper account. This generally happens within 3 business days of the other fund receiving the transfer request.

You can also use your other super fund’s form to organise the transfer. You may need to provide them with the following details about LGIAsuper and your account:

  • ABN: 23 053 121 564
  • USI: QLG0001AU
  • Your member number (shown on your annual benefit statement and letters from LGIAsuper)

To learn more about transferring your super, download our Transferring other super to LGIAsuper info sheet.

Why combine accounts with LGIAsuper?

For 50 years LGIAsuper has looked after the financial future of current and former Queensland local government employees and their spouses. During this time we've become a known and trusted fund with genuine value-for-money products to suit our members' needs, wherever they are in life. Best of all, we've kept our fees among the lowest in the industry without sacrificing quality or standards.

Can I transfer overseas accounts?

KiwiSaver accounts: LGIAsuper will not accept transfers directly from KiwiSaver accounts, or from Australian super funds if the transfer amount includes money originally from a KiwiSaver account. You can, however, transfer money from an LGIAsuper account into a KiwiSaver account, but restrictions apply. Contact us for more information or download our Transfer to KiwiSaver form (B07).

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