Make a claim

We hope you never have to make a claim but if the unthinkable does happen you can count on LGIAsuper to process your application as quickly as possible.

When making a claim, there are some key things to remember.

  1. Be aware of the waiting periods that apply before your Income Protection or TPD claim can be assessed and paid.
  2. Tell LGIAsuper about your illness or injury as soon as possible as the end of your waiting period approaches and if you are likely to make a claim because of it. Your Income Protection waiting period will start from the date you are medically certified as being unfit for at least one of your normal work duties. A benefit cannot be paid if you return to work before the end of your waiting period.
  3. Complete the claim form in full and return it to us as soon as possible.
  4. Supply all additional information to support your claim at the time you make your claim. This will help us assess your claim fairly and quickly. You will need to include medical reports, health certificates, employer reports and other relevant evidence. The Insurer will generally meet the costs associated with any other medical requests needed.
  5. If you die, a relative or legal representative should notify LGIAsuper as soon as possible so the claim process can begin.
  6. Keep in mind once a Death or TPD claim is approved the benefit is invested in the Cash option.

For more information about making a claim, read our Insurance guide or contact us.