Nominate a beneficiary

If you were to write a list of all the assets you own would you remember to include super on that list? After all, it’s often our biggest asset along with our home. So it’s important to consider where you want your super to go when you die.

What happens to my super when I die?

Because super doesn’t automatically form part of your estate, if you die without nominating a beneficiary LGIAsuper will pay your death benefit in line with Australian Government legislation and the rules in our Trust Deed. This means the outcome could be different to what you had in mind.

You can tell us who to pay your super and insurance to by making a preferred or binding death benefit nomination.

Binding death benefit nomination

A binding death benefit nomination is a legal document which binds LGIAsuper to pay your benefit to your nominated beneficiary (or beneficiaries) provided it is still a valid nomination at the time of your death.

This type of nomination gives you greater certainty over where your money will go. It may be particularly useful if you have a more complex family situation (for example, ex-partner/s or children of current and former relationships).

Preferred beneficiary nomination

A preferred beneficiary nomination helps guide us when deciding who to pay your benefit to. Unlike a binding death benefit nomination, LGIAsuper is not legally required to follow your instructions. This is because we are obliged to identify all dependents and pay your benefit according to rules in our Trust Deed and Australian Government legislation.

Making a preferred beneficiary nomination is simple, doesn’t require renewal unless your circumstances change and may suit you if you have a relatively straightforward family situation.

How do I make a nomination?

Before you make a nomination, read our Nominating your beneficiary guide for full details on both types of nominations. You can then complete the appropriate nomination form included in the guide.

For more information, read our Death benefits info sheet or contact us.