Super is one of the biggest investments most of us will ever have. Through LGIAsuper's information and advice service you get the answers you need about your super and, more importantly, learn how to make it work to your advantage and plan for a better financial future.

What is advice?

Any information or recommendations we give you that could influence the decisions you make about your money or how it is invested is called advice.

We offer two types of advice: general and personal (limited to super).

General advice

General advice is when we give you guidance or information without taking your personal circumstances into account. We can give you this advice over the phone, in person, and on our website where we offer various online tools and resources, like publicationsvideos, and calculators.

Personal advice

Personal advice is when we give you advice specifically designed for you and takes into account your personal circumstances including your financial objectives, situation and needs. We offer two levels of personal advice:

  • Limited personal advice: All LGIAsuper members can receive limited advice on a single issue related to super at no cost. This can be provided over the phone, in person or at your workplace and can cover topics like salary sacrifice.
  • Comprehensive personal advice is delivered by one of our professionally qualified and accredited financial advisers for a small cost (see our Fees page or download our Financial services guide for more information). You can receive advice on a range of issues including whether you’re on track to retire when you planned to, transition to retirement strategies, investment decisions and tax implications of any decisions you make about your super.