Even if you’ve only got a spare minute or two, watching our short videos will help you make sense of your super and give you great tips to get that little bit closer to achieving your retirement goals.

income in retirement videoIncome in retirement

Whether you prefer a regular income stream or lump sum payments, we have an option for you to meet your income needs during retirement.

Watch our Income in retirement video.

Insurance through LGIAsuper videoV6

Insurance through LGIAsuper

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you and your family are prepared for whatever may happen in the future. 

Watch our Insurance through LGIAsuper video.

Grow your super video

Grow your super

Making a few small changes now can make a big difference to how much money you’ll have when you retire. Learn five easy ways to get your super on track.

Watch our Grow your super video.

Grow your super videoSalary sacrifice

Adding to your super through salary sacrifice can help you build your retirement savings faster. You could also pay less tax and keep the same take home pay.

Watch our salary sacrifice video.

Grow your super videoCombine your super

If you’ve ever changed jobs you probably have more than one super account. Consolidating your accounts could save you money in fees and a lot of time.

Watch our Combine your super video.

Grow your super videoTransition to retirement (TTR)

A TTR strategy lets you access some of your super while you’re still working. This can help you ease into retirement, get extra income or  boost your super and tax savings.

Watch our Transition to retirement video.