Combine your super

Combining your super in one account could save you money in fees and a lot of time.

How to do it

Roll in online
The easiest way to consolidate your accounts with LGIAsuper is through our online transfer tool.

In less than 5 minutes you can arrange to move your super from one or more other funds into your LGIAsuper account. No ID, signature, printing or posting is needed!

Complete a paper form
If you prefer, you can can download a Transfer to LGIAsuper form (M03) and complete a copy for each account you want to transfer, and then return the form/s to LGIAsuper by post, email or fax.

Post: GPO Box 264, Brisbane QLD 4001
Fax: 07 3244 4344

We'll contact the other funds to arrange for your money to be transferred to your LGIAsuper account and let you know once it's done.

LGIAsuper doesn't charge any entry fees on money received from other funds. Before requesting a transfer you should ask your other funds if they'll charge exit fees or cancel any insurance when you roll out.

Find lost super

If you want to combine your super but aren't sure where it all is, use the Australian Taxation Office's SuperSeeker service to track it down. You'll be able to find any lost super and request to transfer it to your LGIAsuper account.

Why choose LGIAsuper?

For 50 years we've looked after the financial future of current and former Queensland local government employees and their spouses. We offer genuine value-for-money products and services without sacrificing quality or standards. In fact, our fees are among the lowest in the industry. Learn more about the benefits of your LGIAsuper membership.

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