Death & TPD cover

Death and Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) cover offers you and your family protection against financial hardship if you are permanently disabled due to illness or injury or die.

How does Death and TPD cover work?

If you suffer total and permanent disability or die you or your beneficiaries will get a lump-sum insurance benefit on top of the amount of money you have in your LGIAsuper account at the time a claim is made and accepted.

A Death (includes terminal illness) or TPD benefit is only paid once and the amount payable on TPD can’t be more than your Death benefit.

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As part of our commitment to looking after our members, we offer insurance cover to help you meet your financial obligations if you become unable to work due to sickness or injury.

Do I have enough cover?

Everyone’s situation is different. So there’s no hard and fast rule to work out how much cover you need.

A good place to start is LGIAsuper’s Insurance needs calculator. It will give you an estimate of how much Death, TPD and Income Protection you need (compared to what you currently have). You can then apply to tailor your cover to better suit your needs.

We've got two calculators - get a quick estimate, or a complete estimate based on more of your details.

Quick insurance needs calculator    Complete insurance needs calculator

What can I do with this cover?

With LGIAsuper’s Death and TPD cover you can:

  • fix your insurance cover at a specified level
  • opt into even lower premiums if you work in a low risk or professional occupation
  • be automatically covered for Terminal Illness as part of your Death cover
  • choose to have Death only cover
  • increase, reduce or cancel your cover

When does this cover end?

Your Death and TPD cover continues until your 65th birthday so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your cover continues from year to year and as you move from one job to another (as long as you remain an LGIAsuper member). There are some circumstances where your insurance may end before your 65th birthday. For full details read our Insurance guide.

Read insurance guide


Where can I get more information?

The amount and type of Death and TPD cover you automatically receive depends on a number of factors including how you are employed, your age and how you joined LGIAsuper. For more detailed information read our Insurance guide (2.7MB).

If you have an LGIAsuper Defined Benefit account, your insurance cover is different. For details on the benefits you receive read the relevant Defined Benefit guide on our PDSs and guides.

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