Consolidate my super

If you have more than one super account, you could be paying more in fees than you need to.

According to the Australian Tax Office, approximately 40% of Australian workers have more than one super account1.

By consolidating all your super in your LGIAsuper account, you could save thousands of dollars in fees over your working life – with that money making a big difference to your retirement payout.

Find my super in seconds

Our online Find my super tool makes it easy to combine your super in seconds. Just follow the simple steps below and you'll be on your way. Don't forget to ask your super provider for information about any fees or charges that may apply, or information about the effect this transfer may have on your benefits, such as insurance cover, before making a decision.

  1. Click the below link to log in to Member online and start using the Find my super tool
  2. Have a few details ready. You'll have to register for member online access first, which means a few details like Tax File Number (TFN) will be needed. If you already have Member online access your log-in is all that's required.
  3. Submit the form

It's that easy. We'll take care of the rest.

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Track down lost super

The ATO says more than 6 million super accounts worth over $18 billion are lost or unclaimed. Find out if some belongs to you.

1. Source: Australian Tax Office, June 2017.

Find your lost super

Find My Super - The easy way to track and consolidate your super in seconds.

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Consolidate with Member online

Bringing all your super across from other funds is easy with Member online. Plus, it will help you save on fees.

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Changing jobs?

Taking your super with you to your new job is super easy – just tell your new employer and we’ll take it from there.

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