As a fund run only to profit members, LGIAsuper is committed to delivering excellent value so you can enjoy more money in retirement. To achieve this, we need good governance, strong operations and clear accountability.

Our governance framework

LGIAsuper has been a complying resident regulated superannuation fund since 1 July 1995 within the meaning of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 (the SIS Act). The LGIAsuper Trustee (ABN 94 085 088 484) acts as trustee of the fund under the Local Government Act (Qld). LGIAsuper Trustee holds a Responsible Superannuation Entity (RSE) Licence (RSE Licence number L0000178).

From 1 July 2011, LGIAsuper (known then as LGsuper) and City Super merged to become one fund for all of local government in Queensland. Today, the combined fund operates under the LGIAsuper name.

LGIAsuper is governed by a Trust Deed, which outlines our governing rules (and consolidates any amending or supplemental Trust Deed).

Who runs LGIAsuper?

LGIAsuper Trustee is responsible for managing LGIAsuper in the best interests of members.

Remuneration arrangements

At LGIAsuper, our goal is to provide members with high quality, low cost superannuation services to help them achieve their retirement goals. To provide these services LGIAsuper Trustee must attract and retain quality staff. LGIAsuper's remuneration strategy aims to achieve this.

Reports, policies and guides

LGIAsuper has developed a range of policies to guide our governance practices. As part of our commitment to transparency, we also publish reports and guides about our fund’s performance, products and operations.

Annual reports

If you want to know who’s looking after your financial future and how, our annual reports are a great place to start. They also include the fund’s financial statements.

Significant event notices

You can rely on LGIAsuper for clear and honest communication. We'll let you know about any material changes to our fund, including any changes that might affect your retirement savings.

Board election

LGIAsuper holds elections for member representative directors every four years, the latest of which was in 2018.

Investment activities

LGIAsuper's Board of Directors is responsible for investing your money to help build your retirement savings. We work with expert asset consultants to select well known and trusted professional investment managers who each have a specific area of expertise.

Our directors work with expert asset consultants to select trusted and professional investment managers who are then delegated the primary responsibility of investing your money to produce solid, long-term returns. Proxy voting is available to our appointed investment managers to help them achieve their investment objectives.

How your money is managed

Learn more about how LGIAsuper invests your money:

LGIAsuper sells its investment in Bravura Solutions

In 2017, LGIAsuper invested in Bravura Solutions, the software provider of LGIAsuper’s superannuation administration platform. As a strategic investment, this investment should have been acquired from the General Reserve of the Fund rather than as an investment of the Fund.

In 2018, LGIAsuper sold this investment and a made a profit of $18.2m. These funds were transferred to the General Reserve to align with the strategic nature of the investment and the future benefits of the software for the Fund. The software has been transferred to the external administrator, who will maintain, enhance and provide the service back to the Fund as part of a 10-year contract. The short-term impact of this decision was a reduction in members’ investment earnings in 2018/19 which depended on your account type and investment option. For more information click here.

External service providers

LGIAsuper employs a range of external service providers to help the fund run efficiently and meet all service standards. To help the fund run efficiently and provide maximum value to members, LGIAsuper outsources some services.


Role/service outsourced Service provider ABN
Actuarial advice Mr J Burnett, Willis Towers Watson 45 002 415 349
Administrator Tech Mahindra 15 092 511 558
Asset consulting JANA 97 006 717 568
Audit - external PwC 52 780 433 757
Audit - internal KPMG 51 194 660 183
Custodian JP Morgan Chase Bank 43 074 112 011
Group life insurer TAL 70 050 109 450
Information services and technology Bravura Solutions (Australia)
Brennan IT
15 111 148 826
72 002 214 024
92 089 435 530
33 007 457 141
95 088 011 536
78 109 509 739
64 144 629 603
30 111 133 487
Investment management1 Altis Property Partners
AMP Capital
Artemis Investment Management
Black Creek Investments
Columbus Circle Investors
Eley Griffiths Group
Equis Funds Group
Goldman Sachs Aust Ltd
GQG Partners LLC
Maple Brown Abbot Ltd
Morgan Stanley Investments
Northcape Capital Partners
Palisade Investment Partners
Parametric Portfolio Associates
Pendal Institutional Limited
QIC Limited
Resolution Capital
River and Mercantile Asset Management
Sanders Capital
State Street Global advisors, Australia, LTD
Sustainable Growth Advisers
Wavestone Capital
132 761 338
59 001 777 591
66 102 271 812
41 006 099 681
73 001 208 564
22 122 040 037 
13 064 523 619 
32 124 326 361
17 126 390 627
95 942 373 762
50 108 584 167
42 003 914 225
80 120 179 419
Legal advisors Ashurst
Corrs Chambers Westgarth
HWL Ebsworth Lawyers
King & Company Solicitors
Mills Oakley
Thomson Geer
75 304 286 095
89 690 832 091
37 246 549 189
16 962 646 773
25 894 617 673
21 442 367 363
Tax advisors PwC 52 780 433 757
Trustee insurances broker AON Risk Services 17 000 434 720

1. These investment managers represent only those who have been delegated ('outsourced') the responsibility to invest on the fund's behalf. For more information see our Investment managers & top holdings page.

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