2020 seminar series - now available online


You can come back anytime to watch one of the recordings from our webinar series below.

In this video, LGIAsuper Advice Manager, John Mulcahy will help you discover ways to get the most out of your superannuation during retirement. You can learn about:

- Important factors to consider when choosing an investment strategy for your retirement savings.
- The options available for funding your life after work. 
- Eligibility for the Government's Age Pension, and the tests that are used to determine entitlements.

The webinar also includes an update on LGIAsuper's investment performance from Chief Investment Officer, Troy Rieck, and a live Q&A session with CEO, Kate Farrar.

0:00:13 - Introduction from Kate Farrar
0:02:10 - Investing during a downturn with John Mulcahy
0:14:17 - Market and investment performance update with Troy Rieck
0:26:13 - Investment options with John Mulcahy
0:28:52 - Eligibility for Government entitlements with John Mulcahy
0:43:05 - Strategies for adding money into super once retired with John Mulcahy
0:49:03 - Merger update with Kate Farrar
0:54:26 - Q&A session

Hear from special guest Matthew Peter, Chief Economist at Queensland Investment Corporation, and LGIAsuper Chief Investment Officer, Troy Rieck as they deconstruct the 2020 Federal Budget.

The webinar also includes a review of LGIAsuper's investment performance, a discussion of the market outlook for the coming months, and an address from CEO, Kate Farrar on the news of a potential merger.

Women and Superannuation webinar

This is a recording of LGIAsuper's Women and superannuation live webinar broadcast on 29 September 2020.

Financial adviser, Gabrielle Williams and LGIAsuper CEO, Kate Farrar discuss investment and budgeting strategies for closing the superannuation gender gap.

A recording of our live webinar with LGIAsuper Chief Executive Officer, Kate Farrar and Chief Investment Officer, Troy Rieck about the impact of COVID-19 on your superannuation, investment markets, and the economy.

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Learn how much you may need to retire, and how to create a plan to grow your superannuation and build the retirement lifestyle you want.

  • Part 1: Achieving your comfortable
    LGIAsuper Advice Manager, John Mulcahy talks about setting attainable retirement goals and how to get there.
  • Part 2: Global market update (from 00:12:25)
    Chief Investment Officer, Troy Rieck discusses the current market volatility and the steps LGIAsuper is taking to protect your retirement.
  • Part 3: Investing with LGIAsuper (from 00:26:00)
    LGIAsuper Advice Manager, John Mulcahy explains the investment options available to you and what to consider when making a decision.
  • Part 4: Super strategies (from 00:43:15)
    LGIAsuper Advice Manager, John Mulcahy discusses strategies within superannuation rules to help you maximse contributions, minimise tax and begin your transition into retirement.
  • Questions and answers (from 01:06:48)

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