Employer update seminars

2018 is shaping up as another challenging year in super. The good news? We’re with you every step of the way.

LGIAsuper’s Employer update seminars are back. Come along and learn more about:

  • superannuation reform – discover strategies to help you and your employees prepare for upcoming legislation changes
  • Single Touch Payroll – find out how you can keep on track to meet the 1 July start date
  • the LGIAsuper clearing house – learn more about our platform and how you can get the most out of it in 2018
  • our services – from expert financial advice to workplace education programs, we’re here to make super easy for you and your employees.

 These seminars are also a great way for you to let us know what you think. Is there something you need help with? How can we do better? Let’s tackle super together!

Contact us if you'd like to arrange a workplace visit or view past seminar presentations.

LGIAsuper employer briefings

Our Relationship Management team is available to provide briefings to executive management, human resources and payroll teams. Each presentation runs for about 30 – 60 minutes and covers the following topics:

  • superannuation legislation - we look at the latest changes impacting employers and employees and work with you to ensure you meet all your obligations
  • employer insights – review your demographics and learn how we can work together to help your employees plan for a comfortable and enjoyable retirement
  • workplace services – whether it be insurance or investment information, help with transition to retirement programs or salary sacrificing, our Relationship Management team can design a workplace program that suits you and your employees.

If you'd like to host an executive management briefing, contact our Relationship Management team today at employers@lgiasuper.com.au

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We run seminars on a range of topics in workplaces right across Queensland.