Self-employed contributions

If you earn at least 90% of your taxable income from self-employment, you could contribute to your LGIAsuper account and claim a tax deduction.

How do I make a contribution?

You can make a contribution to your LGIAsuper account in one of the following ways:

  • Use our BPAY generator to obtain the reference number and unique biller code to make a BPAY payment to your super account
  • Submit contributions for yourself (and any of your employees) in the one transaction using the LGIAsuper clearing house

What else should I consider?

Before making a contribution you should be aware:

  • you generally won’t be able to access this money until you retire after reaching your preservation age
  • the Australian Government will charge a contributions tax of 15% on any amounts you claim a tax deduction for on entry to LGIAsuper
  • you may also be taxed when you withdraw these amounts from your super
  • you may be eligible for the super co-contribution for personal contributions if a tax deduction is not claimed

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