Find lost super

Many of us have changed jobs at least once so it’s likely we have more than one super account. With multiple accounts it can be tricky to keep up with where all your super is, but it’s easy to track it down.

If you’ve changed jobs, name or address your super fund may have lost contact with you and reported your super as ‘lost’ to the Australian Tax Office (ATO). Australians have around $16 billion1 in ‘lost’ super. Could some of this be yours?

How can I check if I have lost super?

It’s easy to find lost super. All you need is your name, date of birth and tax file number. Simply visit the ATO website to:

  • do a quick search online
  • use the ATO’s more comprehensive MyGov service that lets you see details of all of your accounts, find any lost super and combine these amounts in the one account.

For more information, visit the ATO website.

LGIAsuper can help

If you already know where your super is you can ask us to transfer it to your LGIAsuper account using our simple online transfer tool or by completing a Transfer to LGIAsuper form (M03). Learn more about transferring your super.

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1. Australian Tax Office, Super accounts data overview, December 2015